Olympus E-PL2 reviews (KirkTuck, SteveHuff and DigitalRev)


Latest Olympus E-PL2 reviews found on the net

Kirk Tuck review : the review has lots of real-world images so you can see the camera’s potential in creating beautiful photos. Overall , there is no image quality improvement over the previous E-PL1 but he likes its better and simple less attractive design.

I want to shoot as discreetly as possible.  I want people to believe I am a hapless tourist or a rank amateur so that I don’t become part of a distracting, self sabotaging center of attention.  And you can’t do that if you are a walking camera store.

SteveHuffPhoto : almost similar image quality with the E-PL1 but it has over 12 improvements such as ISO , LCD size , shutter speed etc. Steve also compares the camera to Sony NEX5

The E-PL2 is basically a “Hot Rodded” E-PL1 and it really is a fantastic photographic tool

and finally , a video review from DigitalRev

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