Canon EOS 600D/T3i full review by DPReview


DPRewiew just published full in-depth review of Canon EOS 600D/T3i , Canon’s enthusiast DSLR with 18 megapixel sensor. Final score is 77% and silver medal award. It’s competitor camera, the Pentax K-r got 71% and Sony SLT-A55 got 76% (but a gold medal hmm).

The Rebel T3i / 600D is exactly the camera that we’d expect it to be – it’s feature-rich, reasonably priced, enjoyable to use and, most importantly, takes great pictures. It’s not a particularly innovative camera but it is a generally well planned one. Unlike the original Rebel / 300D, the T3i doesn’t sit in isolation – if you want a smaller or easier-to-use camera, there are plenty of options (including the increasingly competitive mirrorless brigade). However, in keeping with previous models in the range, it’s an impressive camera for the money and it’s hard not to imagine owners loving theirs.

Current lowest price is $899 ( + kit lens ) : check Amazon

Read the full review at DPReview

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