Nikon D5200 HDR


Like its predecessor, the Nikon D5200 has this neat feature called HDR or High Dynamic Range. Basically, HDR is the ability to take multiple different exposure photos and stitches them together so the final image is properly exposed. Unlike D5200 , Nikon D3200 doesn’t have this ‘auto’ capability. So, D3200 shooters must take take several photos and stitches them manually using software (photoshop etc). D5200 users simply activate the HDR mode and the camera will take care the rest !

Nikon D5200 HDR

As you can see on above image , two photos with different exposure (under and overexposed) automatically combined to create one final properly exposed image. If you love nature or landscape photography or indoor , HDR is an essential feature.

Here’s one guy who love to shoot beautiful photos in HDR mode :

There are several HDR books on Amazon , but here’s my favorite : A world in HDR

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