The new sleek and sexy Panasonic GF6


Panasonic just announced their latest entry-level mirrorless camera : the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6. Nothing spectacular in this new model. Still the same sexy and sleek small body with powerful features from its predecessor. It now comes with WIFI + NFC ( Near Field Communication ) technology that allows the camera to connect or share the photos with nearest NFC-enabled devices. It’s a rather new technology but major of Android smartphones already has it ( new Blackberry z10 too ). Cool !


The camera will available in 4 different color taste : Black , White, Brown and Red

Key Features:

  • 16MP Four Thirds sensor (as used in GX1)
  • Tilting ‘Cell-touch LCD’ touchscreen – 1.04m dots (720 x 480 pixels)
  • Near-field communication (NFC) to simplify Wi-Fi connection
  • Mode dial and four customizable function buttons (two on-screen)
  • 1080p30 video as MP4 or AVCHD (presented as 60i PsF in AVCHD mode)
  • Jog lever around shutter button (which operates zoom or exposure compensation)
  • Sensitivity expandable up to ISO 25,600
  • Faster startup (as quick as 0.5 sec with non-power-zoom lenses)
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