Canon EOS 1Ds Mark IV on end of this month?

According to sources , there will be an announcement from Canon about their new pro DSLR , Canon EOS 1Ds Mark IV , on the 31st of this month. End of this month ? sounds like cheap rumor to me since we haven’t heard a bit about its specs or other solid info.

But from CanonRumors, there is high chance that there will be new Canon Rebel cameras at CP+ trade show event. They are Canon Rebel T3i/600D and T3/1100D. I’ve posted about their specs before : here and here

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark IV rumors

Yes i know.. the rumor is from months ago :) but because this blog is new , lets put some intro about Canon EOS 1Ds mark IV rumors.
It’s been three years since Canon EOS 1Ds mark III released , people getting impatient waiting for the next generation , the next successor , the one that will bring Canon back to the high-end dslr competition again. There isn’t many info about the camera yet but only some rumors floating around.

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