Firmware update for Canon EOS T3i/600D

Canon released a minor firmware update for Canon EOS T3i/600D. Firmware v1.01 will enhance/resolve following :

  1. Clarifies the feature guide description of the digital zoom function for movie-shooting that appears on the camera’s LCD monitor.
  2. Fixes a phenomenon in which, in rare cases, a computer connected to the camera with a USB cable cannot recognize the camera.

Download and read the instructions here

and Canon T3i Body Only now in-stock at Amazon for $860 ( check ). Quick, only 6 items left-in stock.


Canon EOS 600D/T3i full review by DPReview

DPRewiew just published full in-depth review of Canon EOS 600D/T3i , Canon’s enthusiast DSLR with 18 megapixel sensor. Final score is 77% and silver medal award. It’s competitor camera, the Pentax K-r got 71% and Sony SLT-A55 got 76% (but a gold medal hmm).

The Rebel T3i / 600D is exactly the camera that we’d expect it to be – it’s feature-rich, reasonably priced, enjoyable to use and, most importantly, takes great pictures. It’s not a particularly innovative camera but it is a generally well planned one. Unlike the original Rebel / 300D, the T3i doesn’t sit in isolation – if you want a smaller or easier-to-use camera, there are plenty of options (including the increasingly competitive mirrorless brigade). However, in keeping with previous models in the range, it’s an impressive camera for the money and it’s hard not to imagine owners loving theirs.

Current lowest price is $899 ( + kit lens ) : check Amazon

Read the full review at DPReview

Ikelite underwater housing for Canon EOS 600D/T3i

Ikelite just announced an underwater camera housing for Canon EOS 600D/T3i. The housing made of heavy-duty clear polycarbonate that can provide clear view to camera’s functions and controls. It has depth rating of 200 feet ( 60m ). With their standard SLR-Port , the housing can support almost Nikon lenses from ultra-wide to macro .


Suggested retail price is $1400 and Adorama have it in-stock ( check )

More specs and dealer info on Ikelite website

Canon 600D/T3i in-stock at Amazon (pre-order Canon 1100D/T3)

Canon 600D/T3i now available in-stock at Amazon and other online stores. You can order the camera for US$899 ( Body + Kit ) or US$799 ( Body Only ). Also available at BHPhotoVideo and Adorama.

Meanwhile, Canon 1100D/T3 only available for pre-order at Amazon , BHPhotoVideo and Adorama. There is only one option : Body + Kit lens ( EF-S 18-55mm ) for US$599

Canon 600D/T3i and 1100D/T3 user manual download (PDF)

Canon 600D/T3i and Canon 1100D/T3 user instruction manual now available for download at Canon USA. The manual is in PDF format , unprotected and printable ( unlike Nikon’s ). Go to Canon USA DSLR page and select Brochures & Manual menu. There are several docs in the page , look for something says ‘instruction-manual’

canon-600d-t3i-user-manual canon-1100d-t3-user-manual

or you can download directly using these shortcuts:

LOOP: Canon T3i/600D interesting short movie

Interesting short movie presented by Canon and directed by Saito Yuki. Shot with Canon EOS 600D/T3i and several lenses:

Nicely done , Canon

Upcoming Canon 600D/T3i e-book

Upcoming e-book on Canon 600D/T3i by Doug Klostermann , the same author who writes T2i Experience , Nikon D7000 Experience , and several others. T3i Experience – The Still Photographer’s Guide to Operation and Image Creation is an eBook user’s guide and tutorial for the Canon Rebel T3i / EOS 600D. The e-book should available for order in Amazon soon , for $11.9

Read some sample pages here , and visit the author’s blog post where he also offer the e-book for free *



  • Setting Up Your Camera – All of the Menu settings and Custom Function settings for the T3i / 600D, including movie mode menus, with brief descriptions and recommended settings for practical, everyday use. Set up and customize the advanced features of this dSLR to work best for the way you photograph.
  • Aperture Priority Mode (Av) and Shutter Priority Mode (Tv) – How and when to use them to create dramatic depth of field or to freeze or express motion.
  • Auto Focusing Modes and Drive Modes – How they differ, how and when to use them to capture sharp images of both still and moving subjects. Also how and when to use focus lock and back-button focusing.
  • Exposure Metering Modes of the Canon T3i / 600D – How they differ, how and when to use them for correct exposures in every situation. Also how to make use of exposure lock.
  • Histograms, Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, and White Balance – Understanding and using these features for adjusting to the proper exposure in challenging lighting situations.
  • Composition – Brief tips, techniques, and explanations, including the creative use of depth of field.
  • The Image Taking Process – A descriptive tutorial for using the settings and controls you just learned to take photos.
  • Photography Accessories – The most useful accessories for day-to-day and travel photography including those specific to this camera, plus recommended photography books.
  • Introduction to Video Settings – Some basic settings to get you started.

Side by side comparison video: Canon 600D/T3i vs Canon 60D

Comparison video between Canon 600/T3i versus Canon 60D , the more advanced DSLR. Same settings on both camera , 1080p at 24 frame per second, Canon 18-135mm lens ,and Canon 70-300mm lens.

So, can you spot any improvements ? To my eyes.. they’re almost identical.

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Canon 600D/T3i high ISO video sample

Low-light video sample from Fenchel&Janisch using Canon 600D/T3i , ISO 1600 and several lenses ( Canon 10-22mm lens, 18-135mm lens, 70-300mm lens ). The Canon 600D support ISO 100 to 6400 and with special mode , expandable up to 12800.

for comparisons , check Canon 550D/T2i low-light video with same ISO setting below:

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