Phottix battery grip for Canon 60D

Phottix has announced battery grip for Canon EOS 60D. BG-60D can hold up to 2 LP-E6 batteries or six AA size batteries. It is also equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button, dial, AElock/FE lock button, and AF point selection button.


Comes with:
Battery Holder for six AA batteries
Battery Holder for two LP-E6 rechargeable batteries
Instruction Manual

The battery grip is available for order for $95 at Phottix online store

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Canon EOS 60D Firmware update (ver 1.0.9)

Canon just published firmware update for Canon EOS 60D , their latest semipro DSLR. Version 1.0.9 does not add new functions to the camera but will fix several problems.

List of updates:

  1. Changes the name of the feature called “Art Filters” to “Creative Filters” (which is used in markets other than Japan) in the Japanese version to make the terms consistent. (This change only applies to the Japanese version and does not apply to other language versions.)
  2. Fixes a phenomenon where the camera may operate abnormally when it is set to Quick Mode AF during Live View shooting immediately after capturing an image with the C.Fn II-1 Long exposure noise reduction setting set to [2: On] and a shutter speed setting of 5 seconds or more.
  3. Fixes a phenomenon where the camera may operate abnormally when after Live View shooting, the remote switch on the EOS Utility screen is pressed to immediately start movie-shooting. This phenomenon only occurs when the camera is connected to a compatible personal computer and the Remote Live View function of EOS Utility software is being used.

Update available for Windows and Mac.

Download here

Canon EOS 60D full review at Imaging Resource

Imaging-Resource has finished their full review on Canon EOS 60D , the latest semi-pro DSLR from Canon. The review has almost anything you want to know about Canon 60D : features , image quality , ISO quality , menu , controls .. anything . They also compare the image/ISO quality to other cameras : Nikon D7000, Canon 50D and Pentax K-7.

the Nikon D7000 comes out slightly ahead at higher ISOs, especially when dealing with low-contrast reds, but 60D competes surprisingly well, and is a noticeable improvement over the 50D despite having more and therefore smaller pxiels.


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Firmware update for Canon EOS 60D

Canon just release a firmware update for their latest mid-pro DSLR , Canon EOS 60D. The update ( version 1.0.8 ) will not add enhancement to the camera but will fix several overexpose problems using flash with some lenses.


  1. Fixes a phenomenon in which captured images may become overexposed when using the camera’s built-in flash or an external Speedlite in combination with the lenses listed below:*
  2. a) EF300/4 L IS USM
    b) EF28-135/3.5-5.6 IS USM
    c) EF75-300/4-5.6 IS USM
    d) EF100-400/4.5-5.6 L IS USM

Download and read the how-to at

Canon EOS 60D review by DPReview


Finally , Canon EOS 60D full in-depth review available on DPR website. The camera got overall score 79 of 100 and a DPR silver award medal. It’s not excellent but the 60D is still favourable camera for newbie who wish to upgrade their Rebel camera.

The 60D is probably best understood as a ‘super Rebel’ – it’s a more comfortable, more flexible and faster-to-use version of Canon’s justly popular entry-level DSLRs. The twin dial controls, better grip and bigger viewfinder will delight stills shooters while the articulated screen and movie control will please would-be videographers.

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