Download Fuji X10 User / Owner Manual

The Fuji X10’s owner manual is available for download at Fuji website. It’s consists of 133 pages and 11 sections of detailed guides on how to operate your Fuji X10.



  • Before you begin
  • First steps
  • Basic photography and Playback
  • More on photography
  • More on playback
  • Movies
  • Connections
  • Menus
  • Technical Notes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Appendix
Download the manual here

Fuji X10 Firmware 1.02 is Out !

Firmware update for the new Fuji X10 is available for download.


Version 1.02 list of updates:

Just in the following camera procedure, aperture value was incorrectly displayed as “F2.2” even if actual value was set to “F2.0”. This phenomenon is improved.

  • (1)Mode dial is set to [A] or [M]
  • (2)Aperture is set to F2.0 (open aperture).
  • (3)Zoom lens position is moved from wide edge to telephoto edge, and finally to wide edge, again.

2. In the TRACKING mode, the AF hunting occurs, which you can see coming in focus and out of focus continuously in the LCD monitor. This occurs in the two cases below.

  • (1)Turn on the camera to select “TRACKING” in AF mode(shooting menu) and change to shooting mode by half-pressing the shutter button.
    (If changing to shooting mode by pressing “DISP/BACK” button, this cannot occur.)
  • (2)Turn off and on the camera while “TRACKING” mode.
    (If turning on and off after changing to EXR mode, this cannot occur.)
Download the firmware update here

Fuji X10 Price = $600

Fuji finally announced the recommended retail price for their new compact camera , the Fuji X10. The camera features 12megapixels from 2/3″ EXMOR sensor, 28-112mm zoom lenses f/2.0-2.8 , and a retro-style body similar to Fuji X100.  The camera will also ready for shipping in November 2011.


Press release:

Valhalla, N.Y., October 7, 2011 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation said today that the all new premium compact FUJIFILM X10 digital camera first announced on September 1, 2011, will have a retail price of $599.95 and will be available in early November.

Building on the tremendous success of the sophisticated FUJIFILM X100 digital camera, the new premium compact FUJIFILM X10 is the latest addition to the growing FUJIFILM X-series of advanced digital cameras.

The FUJIFILM X10 features a new larger 2/3” 12 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor and a bright high-definition FUJINON1 F2.0 wide-angle to F2.8 telephoto 4x manual zoom lens (28-112mm)2  that produces superb image quality from edge to edge. The FUJIFILM X10 has a beautiful blackout and retro design that includes a traditional optical viewfinder with a wide 20° field of view for exceptional image composition. For more information, go to

The FUJIFILM X10 will be on display and available for all to see at the upcoming PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on October 27 through Saturday October 29.

New Fuji X10 “Serious Compact” Camera

Fuji has announces their latest compact : the Fuji X10. The enthusiast compact camera comes with 2/3″ CMOS sensor size to produce 12 megapixels in high resolution mode. To provide better dynamic ranges , the Fuji X10 can decreased its megapixels to 6 MP effectively. Its design and specs is followed from the already popular Fuji X100.]


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