Nikon D5000 and D3000 officially discontinued

According to Nikon Japan website , the Nikon D5000 and D3000 is officially discontinued. Nikon D3000 has been replaced by Nikon D3100 and what’s the D5000 successor ? The last rumor i know is that the successor will be known as Nikon D5500 , not D5100 like the Nikon D3100. Weird huh?


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Hot Rumor: Nikon D5500 to replace D5000 ?

According to NikonRumor’s sources , there’s new rumor about Nikon D5500 being the next replacement camera for Nikon D5000. I don’t get it. Why not name it D5100, just like Nikon D3100 as D3000 successor.

Anyway , it’s just a rumor .. anything can happen . Remember that rumors about Nikon D95 being D90 replacement ?

NR also has some info about its specs :

  • metering and AF modules adapted from Nikon D3100
  • (still) no AF motor
  • new 1080 HD video recording with manual controls
  • LCD screen can be detach from the body  ( nicee.. )
  • slightly larger body than the Nikon D3100