Olympus E-5 review by DPReview

DPR just finished their full in-depth review on the Olympus E-5 , the latest Olympus’s professional SLR camera. The successor of the Olympus E-3 comes with brand new 12mp sensor, large 3″ LCD , 720p movie mode, increase ISO range up to 6400, 11 AF points , i-Enhance feature and lots more.  Back to the review , the camera got overall score 75% but no medal ( i dont understand what that mean ) . DPReview concludes that although the E-5 have better body build , it doesn’t provide high quality images at high ISO and poor dynamic range. It’s only good if it used for low-light and tough conditions


The E-5 isn’t meant to appeal to the mass-market, and we suspect that it won’t. However, as a flagship for the established Four Thirds system it succeeds brilliantly. The E-5 is capable of excellent results, and its tank-like body should take years of abuse. Unfortunately, comparably poor image quality at high ISO settings, and restricted dynamic range make it less competitive than it could be.

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E-5 , the last DSLR from Olympus ?

via 43rumors , there’s a rumor that Olympus E-5 will be the last DSLR camera from Olympus. Several camera shop’s owners inform 43rumors about the situation:

A representative of Olympus in the Netherlands came to our shop and told me that Olympus will not produce anymore Dslr camera’s. they will only produce the Olympus E-5 So pretty soon we can no longer order any Dslr except the E-5. and of the E-5 we can only order four at a time wich we have to sell first before we can order another four.They will only concentrate on M 4/3. and by 2012 they will have renewed there whole compact line-up except for the superzoom cameras.

Hmm, Looks like Olympus is giving up the DSLR market so they can focus on four-thirds cameras.

Latest Olympus E-5 in-depth review @ ePhotozine

ePhotozine gives positive reviews on Olympus E-5 DSLR , the latest micro-third DSLR that aimed at professionals and higher end amateurs. Despite of its expensive price , behind that price tag is superior image quality and performances the buyers could ask for.


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Latest Olympus E-5 review

DigitalCameraReview has made Olympus E-5 review available online. Olympus E-5 is a successor for previous camera , E-3 , that has several improvement such as magnesium alloy body, weather proof , higher MP , a larger LCD and capability to record HD videos. Does E-5 is worthy to buy/ upgrade ? Lets check on DCR’s 6 pages of comprehensive review


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