Pentax Q announced and hands-on review

Pentax has announced their latest compact with interchangeable lens , Pentax Q. It’s the first company’s camera that utilize new Q mount and features a compact-camera-sized 1/2.3″ image stabilized CMOS sensor. Built quality should be excellent with its magnesium alloy body. More specs below

Also announced 4 new Pentax lenses for Q mount . They are : PENTAX 02 Standard Zoom,PENTAX 03 Fish-Eye, PENTAX 04 Toy Lens Wide and PENTAX 05 Toy Lens Telephoto.

The camera should be available for shipping in September/October this year and will be priced  at $700 ( body + 49mm f/1.9 lens )


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Pentax NC-1 first images and specs

According to MirrorlessRumors source, Pentax will announce Pentax NC-1 on May/June this year. If you look at the photo the camera is pretty similar to Pentax Auto 110 , small single-lens reflex cameras that released in 1978. Pretty old huh.


Pentax NC-1 ?


pentax 110


  • small sensor : 1/2.3″ ( common on compacts )
  • 5.6x crop factor
  • 14 megapixels
  • record HD movie , support H.264

Pentax also going to release two lenses : 8.5mm f/1.9 and 5-15mm f/2.8-4.5. Other interesting news is that Pentax will also going to release another mirrorless camera with bigger sensor ( APS-C ?? ) . Could be a Fuji X100 killer ? it’s good to have another choice :)

Pentax K-r review at DPReview

DPReview just published their famous full in-depth review on Pentax K-r DSLR. Introduced in September 2010, the Pentax K-r is line-up between entry-level DSLR (Pentax K-x) and more enthusiast model (K-7 and K-5). What interesting is that DPReview claims the image quality is almost identical with Pentax K-x that introduced in September 09 . With that fact and several ‘standard’ upgrades , can Pentax K-r compete with similar products ? DPReview concludes:

A very competent upper entry-level camera that delivers decent image quality across the ISO range and at six frames per second comes with one of the fastest continuous shooting rates in its class. There’s some stiff competition in the upper entry-level bracket of the market but the K-r is definitely worth a look.

The camera got overall score 71% . FYI, the Nikon D3100’s score was 72% .

Read the full review at DPReview

Check Pentax K-r price at Amazon

Firmware update 1.03 for Pentax K5

New firmware update available for Pentax K5 DSLR. Version 1.03 will improve camera’s stabillity and improve AF performance in low-light situations. The later is recently discovered by users and Pentax confirm it  as ‘front-focussing’ issue. Several users already reported that the firmware does fix the ‘front-focussing’ problem ( link )

Download the update here

Pentax offer free K-5 sensor repair service

Pentax finally admit that there is a problem with K-5 sensor. As previously written , many Pentax K-5 owners has reported that their camera has stains on its sensor. Today, Pentax announces that they will provide free repair service for K5 owner who wish to remove stains on their camera’s sensor. Unfortunately , this service only for customer who lives in Japan. International customer are encourage to contact nearest service center.


Stains on K5 sensor

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Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera rumor

According to , Pentax will announce two mirrorless camera this year. One of them is NC-1. Pentax could be announce it in March 2011, after they announced Pentax K-5 silver in February.There is no info about its detail specs or release date yet. The mirrorless competition is getting warmer this year , since there’s also rumors that Nikon will release its EVIL camera this year.



Firmware update for Pentax K-r and K-7

Pentax just released a firmware update for their DSLR cameras : Pentax K-r and K-7. It’s the same improvement as we saw earlier from firmware update for Pentax K-5 and K-x. Version 1.11 for Pentax K-7  and version 1.02 for Pentax K-r will compatible with SDXC memory card that enable to store data up to 2 TB .


Download available for Windows and Mac users:

Firmware download for Pentax K-7

Firmware download for Pentax K-r

Pentax K-5 review by Steve Huff : No negative about the camera

Steve Huff just reviewed the Pentax K-5 DSLR and now available online at his website. Overall , he loves the camera. It’s overall better than the predecessor , Pentax K-7 and he also prefer it over Nikon D7000 or D300s.

Pentax has done almost everything right with this camera. I sat here for 2 hours wondering what I could say that was NEGATIVE about this camera and I really came away with NOTHING! So no pro/con section this time because to be honest, I love this camera and have no negative things to really sat

What i love about his review is that the review contains lots of real-world beautiful photos . Sure , it’s not a professional lab review but it’s nice to hear someting from a guy who has creative eyes for beauty.

Check his full review at

Pentax K-r test shots available at Imaging-Resource

Imaging-Resource just made Pentax K-r test shots / samples available online at their website. The test images available in high-resolution JPEG format with different setup : aperture and ISO up to 25600 ! Test images are ready , the final full-review of Pentax K-r should be ready in few days.. i hope.


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