Firmware update 1.03 for Pentax K5

New firmware update available for Pentax K5 DSLR. Version 1.03 will improve camera’s stabillity and improve AF performance in low-light situations. The later is recently discovered by users and Pentax confirm it  as ‘front-focussing’ issue. Several users already reported that the firmware does fix the ‘front-focussing’ problem ( link )

Download the update here

Pentax offer free K-5 sensor repair service

Pentax finally admit that there is a problem with K-5 sensor. As previously written , many Pentax K-5 owners has reported that their camera has stains on its sensor. Today, Pentax announces that they will provide free repair service for K5 owner who wish to remove stains on their camera’s sensor. Unfortunately , this service only for customer who lives in Japan. International customer are encourage to contact nearest service center.


Stains on K5 sensor

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Pentax K-5 review by Steve Huff : No negative about the camera

Steve Huff just reviewed the Pentax K-5 DSLR and now available online at his website. Overall , he loves the camera. It’s overall better than the predecessor , Pentax K-7 and he also prefer it over Nikon D7000 or D300s.

Pentax has done almost everything right with this camera. I sat here for 2 hours wondering what I could say that was NEGATIVE about this camera and I really came away with NOTHING! So no pro/con section this time because to be honest, I love this camera and have no negative things to really sat

What i love about his review is that the review contains lots of real-world beautiful photos . Sure , it’s not a professional lab review but it’s nice to hear someting from a guy who has creative eyes for beauty.

Check his full review at

Now official ! Pentax K5 firmware update

I’ve post about unofficial download of new Pentax K5 firmware update before but now , it’s official. Pentax just announced the latest firmware update for Pentax K-5, K-r and 645D. Unfortunately for Pentax K5, there is no fix for sensor stains problem.

List of changes:

Pentax K-5 ( version 1.02 ) and Pentax K-r ( version 1.01 ) :

  • Compatible with SDXC memory card.
    * Transfer rate is not compatible with UHS speed class.
  • All ISO sensitivity setting can be used on Bulb mode.
  • Improved functional sequence for Contrast AF and improved total speed until in focus.

Pentax 645D ( version 1.01 ) :

  • Compatible with SDXC memory card.
    * Transfer rate is not compatible with UHS speed class.

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Pentax K5 firmware upgrade ( + soundimageplus review )

Pentax just released an ‘unofficial’ firmware upgrade for Pentax K5 , K-r and 645D. There is no release note so we can’t be sure whats the update will fix or enhance. Hopefully include some fix for sensor stains problem with Pentax K5. The download available at Pentax Network but you have to be a registered user before able to download. Or you can download directly from . The upgrade file available for Windows and Mac

Please note that there is no official  press release from Pentax regarding the update so know the risks before upgrading.

Pentax K5 mini review from SoundImagePlus :

I’ve been using it indoors quite a lot, either hand held at high ISO’s where the results are quite noisy or on a tripod at low ISO’s and narrow apertures, where it performed well

Pentax K5 user sample photos

There is nothing convicing other than seeing other user sample photos. Below is Pentax K5 sample photos from real users.

Ngarux Pentax K5 photo sets:

and lots of amazing Pentax K5 real-world photos from user Jonoslack at GetDPI forum ( link ).

Jazz Christmass concert photos from   Rakovnik ( link)

Pentax K5 user review , e-book and a nice video

New Pentax K5 user review available at PhotoMalasyia forum. It has some real-world photos you may want to check along with some nice digital-filter photo samples.

The Pentax K5 is a camera that has come of age. On the digital sensor front, it is now comparable with the other big camera brands. On top of that it strives to provide more useful features like weather resistant body, backward compatible with older lenses, shake resistance that is on the body thus turning the older lenses to VR lens equivalent and ease of use.
Image quality wise, I find that the image files needs less post processing than other camera brands that do not use DNG RAW format. Sensor sensitivity is at par with the best in the market.
Its compact size coupled with Pentax’s pancake lenses makes it an ideal travelling companion. It is no fun lugging heavy equipment all over the world to do the same job.

Pentax K5 e-book

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Pentax K-5 in-depth review at DPReview

DPReview just finished their full in-depth review of Pentax K-5 DSLR. The camera got people attention last month when DXOmark results put Pentax K-5 above its closest rival : the Nikon D7000 . And still , from this review , Pentax K-5 is got better score than Nikon D7000. Overall score is 83 versus 80 ( Nikon D7000 ). And yes , despite the late issue about sensor stains , Pentax K-5 got the highest medal from DPReview : Gold Award ! This prove that the camera is worth to buy ! (Check Amazon)


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Pentax K-5 sensor stains problem

Several Pentax K-5 owners has reported that their Pentax K-5 camera has stains on its sensor. What exactly are stains ? EnticingTheLight had the best descriptions : “they tend to come in groups and are perfectly circular in shape, with a halo around a dark center. Interestingly, many users report finding them close to the center of sensor. They are not affected by in-camera dust-cleaning or air blowing.

The Pentax Imaging President , Ned Bunnel , has confirm the issue :

I can confirm that Pentax Japan is fully aware of this situation and is diligently investigating the cause of these stains. I’d like to remind our US customers that their K-5 is covered under the 1-year warranty and that we’ll of course honor that. However, until we find out which batch(es) are affected by the stains, we recommend that photographers keep their cameras and refrain from exchanging them for another unit if purchased from an online retailer. Once we fully understand the origin of the stains and how to deal with them we will encourage affected K-5 owners to send in their cameras for warranty repair.

Lets hope that Pentax find ways how to deal with the stains because this issue , imho , is very serious.

see some photos sample with stains at xitek forum ( chineese )