New Samsung NX2000 Rumors

Get ready guys, the new Samsung NX2000 is just spotted by engadget.


Leaked features:

  • use the Tizen OS , an open source OS for creating app for mobile , smartphone , tablets , TVs etc
  • 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Built-in WIFI
  • a new 10mm f/3.5 and 16-50мм f/2.8 also going to be announce soon


Samsung NX200 Announced and Previewed

Finally, Samsung reveals their new rangefinder mirrorless interchangeable system camera : the Samsung NX200. Powered with completely new 20.3 megapixels APS-C sensor, the  Samsung NX200 will gives better image quality and low noise at dim lighting conditions. The NX200 support ISOs 160 to 12800, fast 7fps burst shooting, 3″ LCD OLED screen with 640K resolution, and record Full HD movie 1080p @ 30fps. For camera operation, Samsung introduce new “Smart Panel” user interface that claimed to be useful for users upgrading from point-and-shoot system and also for experienced photographer. The Smart Panel offers clear and quick access to all the key shooting settings.


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Samsung NX200 Release Date Rumor

From mirrorlessrumor’s source , the release date for Samsung NX200 , the NX100 successor , is September 5th 2011. The camera also will be more like previous Samsung EX1 / TL500 .

And another rumor arise on Samsung NX20’s specs. The NX20 will bring new improved 20 megapixels sensor, a WIFI support, and remoteable from Android app.

To refresh our memory, here’s current prediction on Samsung NX200 specs

  • new design
  • 20 megapixels
  • Full HD 1080p , 60fps
Stay tune for more updates


Samsung medium format camera rumor

Very interesting rumor come from’s source about Samsung’s new medium format camera. According to the source, Samsung is about to finish their new camera (currently in phase 2 of 3 ) and will make an announcement soon. And we also got some specs:

  • 36mm x 36mm square sensor
  • 3 sensor type will be available : 18 mp and two 34mp sensor
  • It has a shorter lens-sensor distance than other medium format cameras
  • in-progress, AF lenses, EVF and optional accessories like grip, flash and screen

The price will be competitive. Less than Pentax 645D ( $9900 ) and similar to pro full-frame DSLRs from Nikon/Canon.

source : mirrorlessrumors

Samsung 300mm f2.8 XF ED lens video leaked

Samsung 300mm f2.8 XF ED lens video leaked by Samsung it self. Check at 0:34 and more clear view at 2:51

ED compensate for chromatic aberration but what XF means ?

Samsung NX20 and NX200 rumors

According to DDaily , korean technology paper , Samsung is finishing the development of their new NX cameras : NX20 and NX200. Both are the successor of already popular Samsung NX10 and NX100 respectively. There is no info about its detail specs or release date yet but DDaily says it will have brand new CMOS sensor to improve image quality.


Samsung NX Roadmap leaked

What Samsung’s plan for NX development ? at some presentation , Samsung showed their roadmap on Samsung NX camera.


there will be three categories for NX cameras:

  • Novice Expert (Classic) : conventional SLR style with high performance eg: NX10 , NX11
  • Cool Techie (Style) : compact , more design oriented for new users eg: NX100
  • and Expert Premier (Classic+) : portability and high performance .. hmm maybe something like Fuji X100 ? this category should fit for more advanced shooter who wish for compact body ( portability )

there’s also lens roadmap in the presentation. check link below for more details


Another five new cameras from Samsung

Samsung is having camera party this year. After launching eight cameras at CES 2011, Samsung just announced another five ultra-compact cameras in their product lineup. They are Samsung ST6500, Samsung ST95 ,Samsung ST65, Samsung ST90, and Samsung ST30.

Samsung ST6500 is packed with 16 megapixels sensor, 5x optical zoom, focal length 26mm – 130mm, touchscreen 3″ LCD and 720p HD movies.



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Samsung NX100 review at Steve Digicams

New Samsung NX100 review available online at Steve Digicams website. Overall, the camera got many positive reviews and highly recommended for people who looks for advanced compact digital camera with DSLR image quality and controls. The only disadvantages are no internal flash, missed WB setting at Auto, and ‘cheap’ body build quality.


Samsung has taken their popular NX10 and shrunk it down to form the NX100. With loads of useful exposure options, robust performance, and excellent image quality, the NX100 is a formidable opponent in the compact EVIL category.

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