Official ! firmware update for Sony A850 and A900

Sony finally announces firmware upgrade for their full-frame DSLR : A850 and A900. The update will enhance A850/A900 performance on autofocus and exposure range. A new menu also has been added to help users in astrophotography area.

List of changes:

  • Creative options are extended by a broadened range of exposure value (EV) compensation settings, now increased from ±3EV to ±5EV
  • Autofocus is quicker and more responsive than ever
  • increase exposure bracketing range from 4EV to 6EV
  • new menu option allows shutter release to be enabled, even when the camera body doesn’t detect an attached lens

Read the full press release , or download the upgrade here

Latest Sony A850 review at PhotographyBlog

Latest Sony A850 review at PhotographyBlog. The camera got almost perfect score : 4.5 out of 5 star. The review also compares A850 to its main rivals : Canon EOS 7D and Nikon D3x


Here’s some interesting point on the review:

The Sony A850 is virtually identical to the A900 for significantly less money, with the only concessions to price being the slightly smaller viewfinder coverage, slower burst shooting mode and the lack of a remote control in the box.

Its viewfinder is one of the best you’ll find south of medium format, the build is incredibly robust, the controls are intuitive, with some of them – such as the dedicated Histogram button, the metering mode knob or the well-implemented rear joystick – being close to pure genius

In terms of image quality, the A850 is also hard to find fault with. The resolution is jaw-dropping, the dynamic range is fantastic, the tonality is great and the colours are pleasing

The AF points need to be arranged more sensibly, and all of them need to be a cross type – or a double cross type, like the central one – in order to be really useful

Read the full review @ photographyblog

Sony A850/A900 firmware updates rumor

According to SonyAlphaRumors, Sony will soon release firmware updates for DSLR camera Sony A850 and A900. Maybe it’s a trick to boost their sales this christmas.

There are three reasons why Sony releases the firmware:
1) To improve the autofocus performance and to give a big image quality boost!
This is a major upgrade (I have been told). I hope this will bring the cameras closer to the Nikon D3X performance.
2) To push the christmas sales.
3) This is also a message to current users that Sony takes care of you and will support and soon expand the fullframe system!


Latest Sony A850 review from PhotographyBlog

PhotographyBlog just finished their in-depth review on Sony A850. Introduced on 27 August 2010, the second Sony’s full-frame DSLR will shares the same 24.6 megapixel sensor and virtually all features of the flagship DSLR-A900. Some features are downgraded to reduce the overall price. In fact, right now A850 is the cheapest full-frame DSLR in the world at $1999.


Can A850 become succesful ? let’s read what PhotographyBlog concludes from their review:

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